8th November 2017 – 7th January 20182017年11月8日‐2018年1月7日

Cat Olympics: in memory of Torajiro猫奥运:纪念虎二郎

Nobuaki Takekawa竹川宣彰

竹川将展出以"猫的奥运会"为主题的装置作品,其中包括木版印刷奥运海报、陶器做的猫运动员等作品。猫运动员出现在体育场、足球场以及游泳池等不同场景里。竹川以这次个展来纪念他已故的猫 --虎二郎。它一年前因交通事故不幸地失去了生命。这将会是竹川在中国举办的首次个展。

For its inaugural exhibition, Ota Fine Arts Shanghai will feature a solo presentation by Japanese artist, Nobuaki Takekawa, titled "Cat Olympics: in memory of Torajiro".

Cat Olympics: in memory of Torajiro is inspired by the 2020 Olympics to be hosted by Tokyo, Japan. On a more personal level, the exhibition is in memory of the artist's beloved cat, Torajiro, who died a year ago in a traffic incident.

The exhibition marks Takekawa's first solo presentation in China and will feature several large installations including an opening ceremony stadium, a football field, an aquatic center and a gymnasium. Numerous ceramic cats will populate the installations, with each individual cat engaged in a sporting activity. Additionally, Takekawa will present ten of his signature woodblock prints and a series of cat sculptures.

By creating a celebratory atmosphere that mimics the World Olympics, Takekawa allows his viewers to reflect on the complex societal issues that are prevalent in the world. Consequentially, this may cause one to think further about the overall effect of the Olympics on mankind.

展览详情Exhibition Information

展览名称 : 猫奥运:纪念虎二郎

会期 : 2017年11月8日‐2018年1月7日

会场 : 大田秀则画廊 OTA FINE ARTS
Title : Cat Olympics: in memory of Torajiro

Exhibition Period : 8th November 2017 – 7th January 2018