Sat. 24 March - Sun. 6th May 20182018年3月24日 - 5月6日

Tsuyoshi Hisakado | Gale久门刚史 | 風

Tsuyoshi Hisakado 久门刚史
上海大田秀则画廊荣幸地呈献日本艺术家久门刚史的个展"風",与展览同名的作品首次亮相是在东亚文化之都2017京都《亚洲回廊现代美术展》(京都,2017)中展出。作品为了配合展出的特定场地:二条城的东南"隅橹"(意思是存放箭矢的仓库) 而制作。此次个展中,"風"将被久门重新装置在白色立方状的画廊空间内。




久门刚史本人并未详细定义"風"的含义,但是希望他的观众可以体验到独特的一刻,由此勾起个人情感与记忆,并触动观者内心深邃而遥 远的世界。
Ota Fine Arts Shanghai is delighted to present "Gale", a solo exhibition by Japanese artist, Tsuyoshi Hisakado. Hisakado first presented "Gale" at the Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto "Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition." The work was site-specific and was presented with the unique structural hoardings in the corner tower of the Nijo Castle. For this second installment of "Gale", Hisakado re-creates the installation within a white-cube gallery.

Upon entering the exhibition space, viewers will see 18 glass cases, each containing a light bulb that swings like a pendulum. The sound of wind recorded in a mountain can be heard swooshing through the gallery. Swinging light bulbs blink in sync as the intensity of wind varies. From above, flashes of lighting and the rumble of thunder pour into the ground level from the gallery's upper floor.

Hisakado's theatrical installation offers viewers a rich sensory perception and is layered with multiple references and connotations. The combination of wind, lighting and thunder points to the presence of a vast yet impalpable power, capable of threatening an individual's fragile existence. The dual structure configuration also alludes to social power structures.

The concept of time and space - two particular concepts that is commonly explored in his previous works - are also prominent in "Gale". The swinging light bulb marks time with each movement, reminding its viewers of the time that has passed as they stood standing amidst this immersive space.

Additionally, the tangibility and delicateness of wood and glass are in stark contrast to the intangibility and boisterous sounds in the background. Evoking a sense of lyricism and poetic sentiment but never forgetting the inorganic reality of the installation.

Hisakado does not define "Gale" but hopes for his viewers to experience a unique moment, triggering emotions and memories, touching one's inner spaces that are deep yet distant.

展览详情Exhibition Information

展览名称 : 久门刚史 | 風

展期 : 2018年3月24日 - 5月6日
开幕酒会 : 2018年3月24日 下午4 - 7时,星期六

地址 : 上海大田秀则画廊
Title : Tsuyoshi Hisakado | Gale

Exhibition Period : Sat. 24th March - Sun. 6th May 2018
Opening Reception : Sat. 24th March 2018, 4 - 7 pm

Venue : OTA FINE ARTS Shanghai