Liao Jiekai and Saskia Olde Wolbers廖捷凯&萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔
(上图 ) 萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔,“是的,这些眼睛是窗户”,2015,视频截帧
(下图 ) 廖捷凯,“棋樟山”,2013,视频截帧
(Top) Saskia Olde Wolbers, Yes, These Eyes are the Windows, 2015, video still. (Bottom) Liao Jiekai, Bukit Orang Salah, 2013, video still.
上海大田秀则画廊荣幸地呈献新加坡艺术家廖捷凯和荷兰艺术家萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔的双人联展"诉说"。三部影像作品:萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔 "是的,这些眼睛是窗户" ( 2015 ) 将会和廖捷凯的"棋樟山"( 2013 )与"守夜"( 2015 )联袂展出。


在作品"是的,这些眼睛是窗户"中, 萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔结合了轶事和历史研究,创造了一个丰富多彩的虚构叙事。影片围绕着上世纪70年代的伦敦布里克斯顿。描绘了作为伦敦发展计划的一部分注定要被拆除的一所房子,在被一位邮递员发现那位艺术家,文森特·梵高曾经居住过后幸免于难。作品是在一所腐烂的房子和奥尔德沃斯贝尔在工作室搭建的模型中拍摄,在影片中,这栋房子以自身的角色作为主角和叙述者,讲述了1873至1874年间围绕着梵高居住时期的故事与神话,观者将感受到梵高的存在对这座不起眼的房子与其主人的命运多年来日益强烈的影响。

相比之下,廖捷凯以重新编纂的档案和个人录像来制作追踪历史轨迹和个人记忆的两部电影。在"棋樟山"中,他探索了圣约翰岛----新加坡南部的一个偏僻小岛的历史。众所周知,这个岛是新加坡殖民地创始人斯坦福·莱佛士爵士抵达当地后泊船的地方。而许多人都不知道的是,这个岛同时也是移民和从麦加返回的朝圣者的隔离中心,政治犯和秘密党派领袖的流放地,以及度假村庄。因此这个岛得到了昵称"Bukit Orang Salah/棋樟山",翻译过来的大概意思为"错误之人的山"或"不合群人的山"。



Ota Fine Arts Shanghai is delighted to present "Telling Tales", the duo presentation of Singapore artist, Liao Jiekai, and Dutch artist, Saskia Olde Wolbers. Three video works, "Yes, These Eyes are the Windows" (2015) by Saskia Olde Wolbers will be shown alongside "Bukit Orang Salah" (2013) and "Silent Light" (2015) by Liao Jiekai.

The exhibition tells of stories that are not often told. Each artist utilizes distinctive, different approaches for their own story-telling. Wolbers fabricates model sets to create imaginative narrative, whereas Liao uses personal and archival footage and presents it in a documentary style. The contrast in the aesthetics of the two artists would be the highlight of this exhibition.

In "Yes, These Eyes are the Windows", Wolbers combines anecdotes and historical research, creating a colorful fictional narrative. The film focuses on Brixton, London in the 1970s. Featuring a house that was meant to be demolished as part of London's developmental plans, but was saved after a postman discovered that the artist, Vincent Van Gogh had lived there. The work was filmed in both the decaying house and in model sets that Wolbers created in her studio. In the film, the house takes on its own persona becoming the main character and narrator, telling of the tales and myths that surround Van Gough's period of residence from 1873 to 1874. Viewers sense the increasingly strong influence that Van Gough's ghostly presence had on the destiny of the humble house and its owners over the years.

In comparison, Liao reappropriates archival and personal footage to create two films that trace the path of history and that of untold personal memories. He explores the history of St. John's Island - an outlying island to the south of Singapore - in "Bukit Orang Salah". This island is known to be where Singapore's colonial founder Sir Stamford Raffles docked his ship upon arrival. Unbeknownst to many, the island has also been a quarantine center for immigrants and pilgrims returning from Mecca, a penal colony for political detainees and secret society leaders, and a sleep holiday resort. Thus, giving it its nickname 'Bukit Orang Salah' which translates loosely to 'Hill of Wrong People' or 'Hill of Misfits.'

Liao brings his viewers on a journey marked by out-of-bound markers and fences, deserted paths, barbed-wire structures and dilapidated housing, vestiges of the island's history are scattered around the land. One cannot help but wonder about the many untold tales surrounding the site. The island becomes a site of and for reflection, prompting questions about history, heritage and identity.

In Silent Light, an elderly female voice narrates her memories of growing up in a Singapore that no longer exists, the passing of a generation and her acceptance of death. Her narration interweaves with scenes of mechanical fans that rotate to the rhythm of passing wind, footage of a mourner accompanied by restless phantoms and a lonely moth perched upon the yellow funeral tent; together they welcome the silent light of daybreak.

Ota Fine Arts Shanghai invites viewers to a unique moving image journey with Saskia Olde Wolbers and Liao Jiekai through "Telling Tales".

展览详情Exhibition Information

展览名称 : 廖捷凯&萨斯奇雅·奥尔德沃斯贝尔 | 诉说

展期 : 2018年5月12日 - 7月1日
开幕酒会 : 2018年5月12日 下午4 - 7时,星期六

地址 : 上海大田秀则画廊
Title : Liao Jiekai and Saskia Olde Wolbers | Telling Tales

Exhibition Period : Sat. 12th May - Sun. 1st July 2018
Opening Reception : Sat. 12th May 2018, 4 - 7 pm

Venue : OTA FINE ARTS Shanghai