Wed. 18 September - Sat. 26 October 20192019年9月18日 - 2019年10月26日

Greasy Spoon: Made by Martin Goya Business苍蝇馆子:马丁·戈雅生意

Bai Taotao, Chai Chai, Chen Gaojie, ChillChill, Da Mian, Nathan Zhou, Nerve CLUB (Zhu Jinkun, Wang Zhangyipeng, Pan Yiliang, He Jiaxuan, Fan Wendi), PAPAPEPIA, TOP30, Wu Junyong, ¥ouada, Yu Hang, Zhang Wenxin, Zhao Rundong, Zheng Tianming, Zhou Yilun白桃桃、柴柴、陈高杰、ChillChill、大绵、奶粉zhou、Nerve CLUB(祝金坤、王张毅鹏、潘祎靓、何佳轩、范文迪)、PAPAPEPIA、TOP30、吴俊勇、尤阿达、于航、张文心、赵润东、郑田明、周轶伦
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马丁•戈雅生意(Martin Goya Business)由艺术家程然创办,作为推动多元青年文化的先锋平台,马戈生是脱离固有的艺术体系模式,致力于推动和支持本土青年艺术家多样性实践和探索。马戈生也与潮流和前卫时尚紧密相连,以独特的气质塑造自身具有引导性的超前视觉文化场景。Martin Goya是一只黑猫,它的命名源于好莱坞电影《SPY》(2015)中FBI探员以宠物名字结合住址为自己杜撰假名的桥段。
Ota Fine Arts Shanghai is proud to present the group exhibition "Greasy Spoon", curated by Martin Goya Business (MGB). MGB was founded as an artist collective by video artist, Cheng Ran in 2017. Through collaborations with different artists, the collective is committed to breaking through existing modes of art presentations and concepts. The exhibition hopes to show both the unique qualities of each participating artist and their brand-new presentation as a collective.
Cheng Ran and the artists of MGB are based in Hangzhou. In the last two years, they have collaborated with more than 300 artists and have organised more than 20 exhibitions and performances. At the recent Art Basel Hong Kong 2019, they performed on the streets of Central, where audiences interacted with performers who played different roles. Later, the performance moved to an underground music venue where several DJs continued to perform, creating a seemingly strange yet exciting experience. At ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2018, MGB exhibited a large outdoor cat sculpture which was shocking yet adorable, it caught the attention of audiences at large. They also operated a stall that sold souvenirs. While the collective has presented their works in a variety of venues and settings, "Greasy Spoon" marks their first collaboration with a gallery.

In this exhibition, MGB transforms the white cube space of Ota Fine Arts Shanghai into a stage that showcases their charms. The pristine and neat gallery is converted into a different setting, with characteristics unlike that of a gallery space: a simple grubby street-side food stall. Upon entering the gallery, audiences are exposed to artworks of different mediums. When assembled together, the boundaries of each work are increasingly blurred. MGB hopes that the works are perceived as a whole, drawing in audiences with its mysterious power, and to enjoy an eclectic experience. Other than painters, sculptors and video artists, the collective is composed of musicians, tattoo artists, and creators with writing backgrounds. This diverse and multi-faceted collective has gained much following. While each artist expresses themselves differently, under the platform of MGB, they interact and work together to create more interesting performances. Although spontaneous cross-disciplinary art institutions are at an experimental stage in China, MGB has shown that they are rich in possibilities.

Unlike gourmet restaurants, there is little restraint in the 'fly restaurant'. Audience can choose to enjoy a particular work, or may choose to wander freely among different works. Meanwhile, an archive of Martin Goya's past exhibitions and a souvenir shop is presented at the entrance of the gallery.
Ota Fine Arts Shanghai invites viewers to immerse in the exhibition and experience the power of collective creation.

About Martin Goya Business
Martin Goya Business was founded by artist, Cheng Ran, as a pioneer platform that advocates for an alternative youth culture. Setting itself apart from existing art systems, it is committed to promoting and supporting the diverse practice and explorations of emerging local artists. Martin Goya Business closely aligns with today's trend and avant-garde fashion, shaping and leading a new visual and cultural scene with their unique vibe. The name, Martin Goya, is derived from a black cat that was named after an FBI agent in the Hollywood movie "SPY" (2015), who fabricated a pseudonym for himself by combining the name of a pet with a home address.

展览详情Exhibition Information

展览名称 : 苍蝇馆子:马丁·戈雅生意

展期 : 2019年9月18日 - 10月26日

地址 : 上海大田秀则画廊
Title : Greasy Spoon: Made by Martin Goya Business

Exhibition Period : Wed. 18 September - Sat. 26 October 2019

Venue : OTA FINE ARTS Shanghai