Fri. 25 January 2019 - Sat. 30 March 20192019年1月25日 - 2019年3月30日

Yayoi Kusama: Prints草间弥生:版画展

Yayoi Kusama草间弥生
草间弥生,南瓜 TWOTEOL,2012,丝网印刷[三色]+蚀刻压花,45.5 x 53 cm,版数30

Yayoi Kusama, PUMPKIN TWOTEOL, 2012, Silkscreen [3 colors] + etching embossing, 45.5 x 53 cm, Edition of 30



同时本次所展出的一套草间弥生的套色木版画作品,以质朴而具有童真的方式描绘着不同色调下的富士山,搭配着作品的题目"关于我爱了一生的富士山的一切"和"富士山是我心的归属"等表现出了草间弥生对于富士山的浓厚感情。 此外,展览同样带来了多幅草间早期使用综合媒介所制作的纸本作品。

在此次展览中,时间跨度超过40年的纸本作品反映了艺术家对于我们生活的世界独特且多面的阐述。希望观者可以通过本次展览体会到草间弥生多年间充满生命力的艺术风格,并感受到草间 "深沉,率直,纯洁,明快的思想"。

草间弥生,"用我全心!", 草间弥生全版画1979-2017, 日本, 2018, pp.5
Ota Fine Arts Shanghai is delighted to present "Yayoi Kusama: Prints", a solo exhibition by Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama (born 1929, Japan). The exhibition features a set of colored woodblock prints, early mixed media works and 30 recent prints made between 2011 and 2012. These prints were based on small paintings that she executed around 2004 and were made with a variety of techniques including screenprint, silkscreen, etching and embossing.

Kusama made her first print in 1979, six years after she returned to Japan. She has continually and bravely explored the use of all possible mediums including sculpture, installation, painting, compulsion furniture, light sculptures, obliterative environments throughout her career and print-making is an important medium among these explorations. In particular, the medium of print coincides with her desire to create duplicates of the same visual field and to share them with the world.

Singular lines, accumulation of the net pattern, faces in profile and the diverse application of the eye motif come together to mark a distinct style in Kusama's recent prints. The vivid bold colors and signature motifs penetrates the viewer's visual field, drawing them in at once into Kusama's multi-colored, peculiar and innovative expressions.

Simultaneously in this exhibition is a set of woodblock prints. These prints depict the Mount Fuji, Japan in different colors, and in a simple and child-like manner. They are created out of Kusama's immense love for the mountain and can be seen through the titles, "All about Mount Fuji that I have loved my whole life" and "Mount Fuji is the home of my heart." Elsewhere, some of her early mixed-media works are on display.

Spread across a duration of four decades, these works on paper reveal Kusama's unique and multi-faceted vision of the world that we live in, from past to present. Ota Fine Arts Shanghai hopes that viewers may experience her vigorous and lively attitude towards art-making and to experience her "thought in a deep, straight and pure way with clear brightness."

Yayoi Kusama, 'With All My Heart!', Yayoi Kusama Prints 1979-2017,Japan, 2018, pp.5

展览详情Exhibition Information

展览名称 : 草间弥生:版画展

展期 : 2019年1月25日 - 2019年3月30日

地址 : 上海大田秀则画廊
Title : Yayoi Kusama: Prints

Exhibition Period : Fri. 25 January 2019 - Sat. 30 March 2019

Venue : OTA FINE ARTS Shanghai