2020年2月15日(土)-3月28日(土)Sat. 15 February - Sat. 28 March, 2020Sat. 15 February - Sat. 28 March, 2020

Night FallsNight FallsNight Falls

チェン・ウェイChen WeiChen Wei
展示風景:「Night Falls」2020年、オオタファインアーツ東京 Installation view of "Night Falls", 2020, Ota Fine Arts Tokyo
オオタファインアーツでは、中国人作家チェン・ウェイの個展「Night Falls」を開催いたします。本展では、画廊空間全体にLED掲示板を用いた立体作品が配置され、様々な色の光を放ちます。絶え間なくリズミカルに動き続ける光の波は、チェンの独特な世界観へと鑑賞者を誘います。

チェンのLED掲示板を用いた作品シリーズは2015年より始まり、商業広告に溢れた中国社会の一面を示すとともに、よりよい生活を約束するような謳い文句は人々の儚い希望や夢を表し、多くの鑑賞者を魅了してきました。今回の新作では、掲示板上に「Where are you going tonight?」との問いかけが時折出現します。チェンは、夜という時間に興味を持ってきたと言います。情報社会が深化する中で、人々は時間を問わず他人とつながることができます。しかしながら、夜は孤独をもたらし、一体この長い時間を皆どう過ごしているのかというチェンは考えるようになりました。上記の問いかけは、若者同士が遊びに行く先を考えている楽しい一幕のようにも聞こえますが、今宵どこに自分が向かっていくかも分からない不安な感覚をも示しているようです。


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present Night Falls, a solo exhibition by Chen Wei (b. 1980, China). This presentation showcases a new installation work comprising of ten LED light boards which are positioned across the gallery space. Various colour patterns appear on each LED board: every spark of light is part of a synchronised rhythm that moves ceaselessly. Viewers are welcomed to look at the whole installation from different angles to fully experience this unique expression by Chen.

Chen's series of LED works reflect his keen observation on the ever-changing urban landscape in China. Nowadays, as the artist puts it, LED signage boards have become very common in the streets of China. Chen, however, noticed that many of these LED boards have glitches, which make it difficult for passers-by to read the texts on the boards. The neglected advertisement boards remain, playing broken patterns of images and letters on loop: an uncanny occurrence which brought inspiration to the artist.

A particular phrase appears repeatedly on several of the LED boards, posing a question to the viewer: "Where are you going tonight." These words may not be entirely visible sometimes due to the design and programming by Chen. At first glance, it comes across as a casual conversation, perhaps between youngsters who are thinking of where to go and have fun. Yet, it also implies an uncertainty of the future. Viewers may experience this complex feeling while viewing the installation - the night falls and all of a sudden one does not know where to go next. Due to rapid economic development, the urban landscape in China is never stagnant. Such changes bring about a strong feeling of being lost. Bright colours of LED lights fill the corners of every cosmopolitan city, a deceptively charming facade of this global sense of alienation.

During the early stage of his career, Chen was well-recognized for his photography work. Regardless of the difference in motifs, Chen has been consistently making models in his studio before shooting them for his work. Of late, Chen has begun to present sculpture works at exhibitions to develop cross-media expressions and has established a presence as an artist utilizing LED boards as part of his work.

展覧会詳細Exhibition Information

展覧会名 : Night Falls

会期 : 2020年2月15日(土) - 3月28日(土)
11:00-19:00 / 日・月・祝 休廊

会場 : オオタファインアーツ
Title : Night Falls

Exhibition Period : Sat, 15 February - Sat. 28 March, 2020
11:00-19:00 *closed on Mon., Sun., Holidays