Privacy Policy

The website: 

To visit the OTA FINE ARTS web page (hereafter "the website" meaning the sites with addresses in the domain of, please keep in mind the following requirements and notices, which apply to all users. 


The exemption: 

Although OTA FINE ARTS pays the most scrupulous attention to the information given in the website, they are exempt from guaranteeing the completeness, accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of the information, and relevance to users' purposes. OTA FINE ARTS neither guarantees that the website is free from functional discontinuity, errors, deviations, computer viruses or other harmful code that introduce themselves into the website or the web server. OTA FINE ARTS is not liable for the troubles, damages or loss caused by the usage of the website or the information in the website. The website is subject to the alteration of information on the website, or the interruption/discontinuity of the operation of the website, without a previous notice. OTA FINE ARTS is not liable for any damage caused by the interruption/discontinuity of the website, irrespective of reason, and neither responsible for the contents of any websites linked to the website. 


The linkage: 

For the linkage with the website, please contact OTA FINE ARTS with the URL of the to-be-linked website, and the name and address, contact numbers of a person in charge. Applications may not be accepted, depending on the contents of the to-be-linked website and/or the owner's business or activities, the linking method, or the condition affecting OTA FINE ARTS 


The following linkages are not allowed 

:-- Any site which has the contents against public order and morals 

-- Any site that has illegal contents, and/or was involved in or seems to have made illegal acts 

-- Linkage that obscures the contents of OTA FINE ARTS website through the frame or in other ways. 


The copyright: 

The copyrights of the texts, images, illustrations, and data given in the website belong to OTA FINE ARTS, provided that there is no proviso. The secondary usage such as reproduction, diversion, selling reproduction, summarization, alteration, translation, upload, notice, public dispatch, making it transmittable, distribution, and publication is not permitted without the written permission of OTA FINE ARTS, or the copyright holder. 


The protection of the privacy rights: 

The website may ask users to provide their private information after clearly informing them of the purpose. In such a case, collected private information of users is used only within the bounds of the stated purpose, and basically not shown to any third person without the permission of the users, except that there is the enforcement of the law. 




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