Nobuaki Takekawa: Nobuaki Takekawa


Ota Fine Arts is pleased to announce the new solo exhibition "Nobuaki Takekawa", the third programme since its re-opening in Roppongi in February this year.

The Tohoku earthquake and the followed incident by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have equally given the strong shock to all of us who are living in this archipelago, and have changed our landscape. That also influenced many artists and each had different responses to it. Some have gone for volunteering in Tohoku, or the other have made their works for charity. Each have been seeking the way to be some help.

This is his attempt that Takekawa has been trying to put his thoughts into visual works in various ways. He is trying to confront this unprecedented situation by leaving those subjects - the current relationship between the civilization we are leaning on and nature, or the relationship that should be - as open questions.
He tries to avoid the dilenma that would be caused by doing so.

This exhibition is consisted with a large size sculpture of cow and 5 number of colourful drawings. Each works is showing that the things sustainable and renewable, atom level and size of our daily life, the environment that humans have created and nature. Key motif of the works is cows in Fukushima and this reminds us that this is the landscape we are seeing everyday.

Takekawa's works give viewers a common space to think together and make them to seek another meaning that these works could have.