Myriad of “paste”: Ay Tjoe Christine


Ay Tjoe Christine (b.1973, Bandung) is an Indonesian female artist who has gained tremendous popularity throughout art markets in Asia. With her earlier experiments in drypoint prints, she cultivated her sharp, fluent and vigorous lines. To produce the same effect on her tableaux she uses the protean oilbars, melding figuration and abstraction. Ay Tjoe, especially known for her layered paintings, also has a career which spans soft sculptures, kinetic art and large scale installations.
This is the first solo exhibition by Ay Tjoe Christine in Japan.

The title of the exhibition "Myriad of 'paste'" implies numerous objects which are multi-layered, while 'paste' refers to the computer term 'copy and paste'. Despite the different grammatic usage and interpretation of 'paste', the artist emphasizes the working process and concept illustrated in this title. "Myriad of 'paste''" describes the various objects that Ay Tjoe uses in the countless routines with her new born baby. The 'paste' concept reveals the movement in space of the various objects which she encounters in her daily life. Brought to life on canvas in an abstract form, these daily tools are showcased in different forms and situations. While the hole evokes her son's curiousity, a variety of fish and rounded cars amaze and fascinate him. Ultimately, these objects become part of the intimate process which brings soul to the Ay Tjoe's paintings. Ay Tjoe's realization of the connections between an endless consumer society and human behaviour came about through this process. It could be said that Ay Tjoe's everyday life of constantly stimulating her child's interest has taken on the form of art works depicting everything she sees on a picture surface. Here, the word 'paste' could also represent Ay Tjoe's intense and joyful life with her baby, replacing the inorganic copy/move command on the computer screen.

At a glance, it seems that the numerous objects such as animals, insects, children's toys, screws, balloon, and the familiar smiling emoticons used in social media occupy the picture surface in a chaotic manner. However, the colourful layers and lines of strong strokes are unfailingly those of Ay Tjoe. Her 'paste' reveals her process of layered painting with its technique of repeating a myriad of coloured layers and lines.

While Indonesia continues to hold fast to constricting traditional values, Ay Tjoe does not hesitate to express her inner feelings through her art, eliminating these phases of life with her rooted point of view. Her work highlights universal issues in modern society and human existence, and her art is a modern allegory creating an opportunity for each of us to face ourselves.

Installation Views