YAYOI KUSAMA: New Paintings: Yayoi Kusama


Ota Fine Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition of YAYOI KUSAMA: New Paintings starting from 26 October, 2012.

Starting in 2009, KUSAMA's latest painting series, "My Eternal Soul" has now reached up to more than 220 paintings over the past 3 years and has grown as one of the largest series she has ever created in her entire career. The series was firstly introduced at her retrospective last year, which was originally organized by the Tate Modern in London and it has toured to major cities in Europe and New York. The series has captured large attention of the world and Kusama's distinguished identity vividly colored the last room of the exhibition.

Using repeatedly her earlier motifs such as dots and nets, she completes these works by improvising and mixing the figurative and abstract images on canvas with combining the striking colors and metallic pigments with her glaring color sensations. The series is an outstandingly unique example of "dissonance" and brow out those who are familiar with Kusama's works in the past. There are nexpected clash of colors, the combination of patterns that has never attempted before, and a positive discordance of the center and the marginal, as if they are refusing integration and calmness, these contradictory elements are coexisting nonetheless here on canvas.

As the artist says, "I want to paint 1000 and 2000 paintings. I want to keep painting even after I died.". It can be said the life itself rather than the mere maturity of heroic genius
This exhibition will show selected new works from the present progressive series and will have two term exhibitions lasting until the early February in 2013.

End seems to be a new beginning.

Installation Views