New Address, New Works: Ay Tjoe Christine, Jay Flores Ticar, Firoz Mahmud, Manami Koike, Nobuaki Takekawa, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Yee Sookyung


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to announce the gallery will return to Roppongi and new exhibition will start on 18th February. The group show, titled "New Address, New Works" will show new Asian talents who have been come across by the gallery staffs over the last few years.

From far west Persia to Indonesia, the Philippines and next Korea, also in Japan, there are the artists who are seeking to catch a modern position of the culture that of each belongs by production with the interests towards neighbouring countries and the traditions which have been passed generation to generation. In this exhibition, 10 artworks of 7 artists have been selected.

As Japan being so, there were difficulties and conflicts on the process of acceptance of Modern Art in these countries of Asia, where the artists were born and grew up. It can be said that searching for the identity and the difference is important; however it is more relevant to search for a new, synchronic language of Asia-Pacific through the artworks created now.
Though it is not being able to say that the situation of Asian arts is united and organised, watching Asia of today mutually where Shousou-in exists for a long time, and historically and geographically in implications, will bring us rich fruits.

Installation Views