Yayoi Kusama: Yayoi Kusama


It is delightful to be able to show "Love Forever" series for the first time in Japan. The artist had started this series since 2004 and completed fifty pieces in total last year.

Canvas works drawn with marker show not only the repeating subjects of eyes, polka dots, side faces, waving lines or flags, also include the motifs of butterflies, flowers, lips, women with dogs or handbags, etc.. Since Infinity-Nets were exhibited in New York in 1950s, she has been making a great number of works with these repeating motifs obsessively.

In this series, the element of repeating subjects and the drawings in her early time before Infinity-Nets are mixed.

This series of works has been also introduced in the documentary-film "Yayoi Kusama ? I LIKE MYSELF" which was released to the public in early this year. The show will exhibit 38 of 50works of

"Love Forever" by using full of gallery space to create the artist's great world.

Installation Views