Masayasu Mitsuke


Works will be sold through a lottery system.

Application period: During the exhibition period (22 Oct. to 3 Dec., except Sun., Mon. and National holidays)

Place of application: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo (Please inform the staff)

Lottery result: 6 Dec., 17:00

*Applications via telephone or email will not be accepted.

*Only winners will be notified of the lottery result.

Ota Fine Arts is delighted to announce Masayasu Mitsuke's first solo exhibition in six years. Mitsuke, who has learned the traditional delicate red enamel overglaze painting of Kutani-yaki, continues to develop his skills to the ultimate level. Mitsuke’s lines and dots, which are drawn so precisely that it is hard to believe they are hand-painted, create traditional patterns such as weaves and hemp leaves. These patterns develop exquisite and bold geometric patterns rhythmically.

In this exhibition, Mitsuke will present large platters, and triangular prismatic objects which he created with the idea of "architecture" in mind. The three-dimensional works, which are composed of square and triangular surfaces, take a completely different approach compared to the circular platters, which have a clear central point in which the patterns are drawn. This new approach of Mitsuke influences the design of the large platters throughout. Ota Fine Arts invites all to experience the world view of Mitsuke, which is based on tradition while continuing to take on new challenges.

Installation Views