Rolling the Dice of History: Nobuaki Takekawa: Nobuaki Takekawa


12 February 2016
6-7.30PM: Talk and Tour by the artist
7.30-9PM: Opening Reception

Ota Fine Arts Singapore is delighted to present "Rolling the Dice of History", a solo exhibition by Nobuaki Takekawa (b. 1977). This exhibition will present the artist's latest paintings of acrylic on canvas, incorporating the stencil technique. Takekawa takes an interest in the Heptiamond, a puzzle with more than 100,000 possible combinations. This massive figure is suggestive of the number of victims during wartime as well as that of participants involved in social movements. Using an imaginative and witty language, Takekawa expresses his views on colonialism and social reformation in Japan and other countries in Asia.

Installation Views