Our Nature: Ay Tjoe Christine + Zai Kuning: Ay Tjoe Christine, Zai Kuning


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present Our Nature: Ay Tjoe Christine + Zai Kuning, a duo exhibition by two of Southeast Asia's most important artists.

Christine Ay Tjoe is an Indonesian female artist known for her intricate layered paintings. She expresses inner feelings such as melancholy, struggle, pain and happiness through the use of vibrant colours and strong strokes. These feelings are a large part of our human nature and her interests have revolved around the extensive issues of personal human life.

Conversely, Singaporean multi-disciplinary artist Zai Kuning creates visual artworks that are rooted in social concerns. Through his varied artistic expression, he acts as a voice for hidden and unknown facts, uncovering and revealing parts of unfamiliar history.

This exhibition will feature recent and new works by the two artists, both expressing our fundamental nature in diverse ways.

Installation Views