Gallery Talk: Yoshiko Shimada × Roger McDonald 'Religion and Art'

Curator of "Nirvana to Catastrophe: Matsuzawa Yutaka and his 'Commune in Imaginary Space'", together with Roger McDonald, Deputy Director of AIT and Programme Director of MAD, will give a gallery talk on "Religion and Art".

Exhibition Information
"Nirvana to Catastrophe: Matsuzawa Yutaka and his 'Commune in Imaginary Space'"


Gallery Talk: Yoshiko Shimada x Roger McDonald 'Religion and Art'

Date: Sat. 1 April, 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: Ota Fine Arts


Roger McDonald:
Born in 1971, Roger McDonald achieved MA degree in Religious Studies and PHD degree in Art Theory at Kent University, UK. He started curating exhibitions internationally as an independent curator since 1998, and was named curator for the first Singapore Biennale in 2006. Moving to live in Saku, Nagano with his family in 2010, he opened his personal museum "Fenberger House" in 2013. Now he is the Deputy Director of NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT) and Programme Director of MAD.

11 Mar 2017