Tetsuya Umeda

"Tetsuya Umeda '余り(Amari)'" Aoisou, Beppu city, Oita, Japan

Tetsuya Umeda will hold solo exhibition "Tetsuya Umeda '余り(Amari)'" at Aoisou in Beppu city, Oita, Japan from 15th January 2022 to 13th February 2022.


 *15:00 - 17:30 (admittance until 17:00)
Venue:  Aoisou



Opening event

Period: Sat. 15 January 2022 16:30 -

Venue: Aoisou

    *Please make a reservation by the day before (first-come-  

      first basis)

    *Appearance: Shinji Wada, Tetsuya Umeda 

      We will hold a live performance by inviting Mr. Shinji Wada,

      a drummer who is active in the band "DMBQ".

      Please enjoy co-starring with the exhibited works.                           

13 Jan 2022