[Ota Fine Arts Tokyo] Tsuyoshi Hisakado: River

20 Aug - 8 Oct 2022
  •  Installation view of "Tsuyoshi Hisakado: River", 2022, Ota Fine Arts Tokyo


    Ota Fine Arts is delighted to announce Tsuyoshi Hisakado’s first exhibition in four years in Tokyo. Having experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, Hisakado’s artistic practice draws from a consideration of the laws of nature and the universe, which are far beyond human wisdom. Hisakado, who has a studio in the rural landscape of Kameoka, Kyoto, is at the mercy of heavy rainfall and severe weather, as well as wildlife. While he experiences day-to-day how these things function organically in accordance with the order of the Earth’s larger systems, at the same time, he had a doubt that the rules set by humans are deviating from this natural order. The new works in the exhibition reflect Hisakado’s consistent pursuit of eternity and uniqueness, and also possess ‘aesthetics’ that resonate with the human senses. This idea originates from his interest in nature, the earth and the universe and little events that occur in our daily lives.

    Hisakado has titled this exhibition 'River'. Rivers have been the source of human civilization since ancient times. In the present age of climate change, it is also the rivers that easily sweep away the order that civilization has nurtured over many years and overwrite it with a new order. In his new two-dimensional work, Hisakado creates a spiral of small numbers denoting the mathematical constant, pi. Beginning from a single sheet of paper, the spiral of numbers extends across many sheets of papers which gradually fills almost the entire wall. The continuous, eternal sequence of numbers has been torn apart and broken up numerous times along the way, but the fragments together form one big current and undulation again, composing a new river.
  • The exhibition also showcases two sculptures constituted of composite materials, that make use of light impressively. In one work, the thin light emitted from a neon tube penetrates straight through the glass cases placed side-by-side. In the other, it forms a circle which loosely connects objects with spheres and perforated plates placed on top of them. The light that runs through the objects without hesitation looks as though it breaks through the human-made order and boundaries, opening a hole that connects this world with the other world. ‘Light’, which Hisakado treats as an equivalent sculptural material to stone or clay, is also a trace of countless atomic-level energies, and like a river, it creates a great current that transcends human knowledge and continues to flow without regard to human progress.
  • Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Verse #2, 2022, Aluminum, glass, neon light, cable, Dimension variable
    Tsuyoshi HisakadoVerse #2, 2022, Aluminum, glass, neon light, cable, Dimension variable
  • In addition, a new work combining a pendulum and a tiny magnifying lens, which has been used by Hisakado extensively...
    Tsuyoshi Hisakado
    Pause, 2022
    Brass, stainless steel, lens, clock movement, battery, paper, panel
    92.3 x 60.6 x 4.1 cm

    In addition, a new work combining a pendulum and a tiny magnifying lens, which has been used by Hisakado extensively in the past, will also be presented. The tiny lens, which swings with the movement of the pendulum at a constant speed, magnifies two words on the surface of the work. It questions which direction we should go, and if it is a confrontation or transition. These questions seem to be directed at us as we stand at a crossroad, as nature, weather, nations, borders and various forms of order appear to be collapsing. It could be said that this work reflects our constant urge to make choices and decisions in the unstoppable flow of time.


    At a time when the entire planet is experiencing a great deal of friction, we invite you to Hisakado's experimental attempt to develop a new order within the constant flow of a ‘river’.

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  • 【Concurrent Exhibition】

    Tsuyoshi Hisakado Recent Works

    20 August – 8 October 2022   
    12:00 - 18:00  
    Closed on Sun. Mon. and National Holidays

    OTA FINE ARTS 7CHOME(MODULE roppongi 101, 7-21-24 Roppongi Minatoku, Tokyo)
  • There will be a concurrent exhibition at our new space 7CHOME, which recently opened on June 18, 2022.

    Artworks in the shape of wooden frames with a transparent surface are displayed on the walls, showered in a soft but bright light that seeps through the thin white curtains. In one of the works, a circle is cut out on the transparent surface, and tilted slightly at an angle; while in another, the frame itself is cut at an angle, and the cut surface is displaced. Each frame has a misalignment somewhere. Hisakado believes that the appeal of art lies in the challenge to deviate from the world, within the frameworks set by mankind, by questioning and observing from a slanted angle. The works in this exhibition embody his own attitude towards art. Please visit this exhibition in conjunction with the 'River' exhibition at Piramide Building.

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  • Tsuyoshi Hisakado

    Born in Kyoto in 1981, Tsuyoshi Hisakado completed his M.F.A. at the Department of Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts in 2007. With an interest in the fundamental sensibility and uniqueness/eternity that constitute human activity, Hisakado creates conceptual works using a variety of methods and media, including sound, light, programming, sculpture, painting and large-scale installations. The artist hopes that his works resonate with the viewer's memories and imaginations, and sharpens their visual and auditory senses. In 2020, Hisakado held his first museum-scale solo exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Japan. Hisakado was elected the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy and has been awarded the 'Mercedes-Benz Art Scope 2018-2020', the Audience Award at the 'NISSAN ART AWARD 2015', and the Grand Prize of the 'VOCA 2016 The Vision of Contemporary Art'. He has participated in various group exhibitions including the ‘Hawai‘i Triennial 2022 (Hawai’i, 2022)’, '58th Venice Biennale 2019: May You Live in Interesting Times" (Venice, 2019)', 'Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kyoto, 2017)', 'AICHI TRIENNALE 2016 rainbow caravan' and has held solo exhibitions at 'MoCA Pavilion Special Project (Shanghai, 2016), Ota Fine Arts Singapore (2015) and Ota Fine Arts Tokyo (2018).