Following Tokyo and Singapore, Ota Fine Arts opened a new gallery space in Shanghai, West Bund on 8th November 2017. The gallery is honored and delighted to have been a part of the West Bund cluster of local and international galleries, and to have shown 24 exhibitions including presentations by Yayoi Kusama, Ay Tjoe Christine, Maria Farrar, Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Martin Goya Business, Nobuaki Takekawa, Tomoko Kashiki, Cheng Ran, etc. As of July 2022, the gallery has moved out of the West Bund Arts and Cultural District and we look forward to welcoming you to our new Shanghai gallery space opening this Winter.

Ota Fine Arts Shanghai continues to be a rigorous incubator that fosters the exploration of ideas beyond the traditional and contemporary, fine arts and craft, the old and new. The gallery endeavours to unravel these existing classifications of art and explore a future context through its exhibition programmes.