Shanghai: West Bund, Building 3 2555 Longteng Ave. Xuhui District, Shanghai China 200232

Following Tokyo and Singapore, Ota Fine Arts will open a new gallery space in Shanghai, West Bund on the 8th of November 2017.


Ota Fine Arts is honored and delighted to be a part of the West Bund cluster of local and international galleries, and prominent museums and institutions. The gallery looks forward to engaging itself within the local contemporary art scene and contributing to the development of West Bund as an arts destination.


In recent years, Ota Fine Arts has held solo and group exhibitions with artists from China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, etc. Through these exhibitions, the gallery was able to showcase varied works of art from within Asia and present their diverse cultural histories. It hopes to maintain this attitude of catalyzing points of convergence as it enters Shanghai, China.


Ota Fine Arts Shanghai also aims to be a rigorous incubator that fosters the exploration of ideas beyond the traditional and contemporary, fine arts and craft, the old and new. The gallery endeavors to unravel these existing classifications of art and explore a future context through its exhibition programmes.