A Day in the Life: Chris Huen Sin-kan


Ota Fine Arts Tokyo is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Hong Kong born painter, Chris Huen Sin-Kan. Named after a well-known song by The Beatles, the exhibition ‘A Day in the Life’ showcases a series of indoor paintings. This is the first time Huen has painted this theme since his immigration to the United Kingdom from Hong Kong in 2021.

Huen is driven by the observation of daily occurrence to create paintings based on the motifs of his family and the everyday environment. He does not make sketches or take photographs onsite, instead, relies on his memories to develop his images as he faces the canvas in his studio, demonstrating complex compositions through varied angles and perspectives. Having been influenced by Chinese ink painting, Huen illustrates his subjects with limited brush strokes. There is also a wide array of objects depicted on the canvas. At the same time, there are still parts of it that remain unpainted and empty. In this new series, each work is uniquely defined by the colours of light continuously shining into the room during different times of the day. For Huen, who has always focused on how people understand objects through the act of ‘seeing’, moving away from the country he grew up in and into his new home and furniture, marked a major turning point in his artistic career.

This new series of paintings showcases a softer and broader color surface by the new daylight, adding an unprecedented layer of motifs that seem to blend into the vibrant compositions. With this, we invite all to enjoy the worldview of Chris Huen Sin-Kan.