Chris Huen Sin-Kan focuses on how people understand objects through 'seeing', with his paintings which mainly depict his family and everyday environments. With limited brushstrokes, Huen illustrates his subjects remarkably - a technique he developed from the influence of Chinese ink painting. Although the viewer is able to recognize the motifs in Huen's paintings, there is a certain vagueness to it. Huen paints entirely from memory and it reflects his attempt to capture time and space on the two-dimensional canvas. He suggests that the process of 'recognition' shifts through time and space, and the white space on the canvas seems to express forgotten memories. Distorted shapes and the contrasting light illustrate the transition of the day from various perspectives and captivates the viewer.

Chris Huen Sin-Kan was born in Hong Kong in 1991. His recent exhibitions include "The Illuminated Mundane", Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo (2019), "Chris Huen Sin Kan", Simon Lee Gallery, New York (2018), "Out of The Ordinary", Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong (2015), "Absolute Collection Guideline", Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, (2015). Public collections include The Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney), Kadist Art Foundation (Paris / San Francisco) and Sifang Art Museum, (Nanjing).

Installation shots