The Illuminated Mundane: Chris Huen Sin-Kan


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present "The Illuminated Mundane", the first solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Chris Huen Sin-Kan in Japan. Huen paints entirely from memory, and his works mainly depict his family and everyday environments. With limited brushstrokes, Huen illustrates his subjects remarkably - a technique he developed from the influence of Chinese ink painting. Although the viewer is able to recognize the motifs in Huen's paintings, there is a certain vagueness to it, reflecting the artist's attempt to capture time and space on the two- dimensional canvas. In his latest paintings, the colors blue, brown and black are introduced to express the contrast of light, illustrating the transition of the day. Ota Fine Arts invites you to the worldview of Chris Huen that explores the act of painting and the everyday life.

Installation Views