Quantize: Tsuyoshi HISAKADO


Born in Kyoto in 1981, Tsuyoshi Hisakado completed an M.F.A at the department of Sculpture of Kyoto University of Arts in 2007. He formed an artist group SHINCHICA in 2002 while he was in university, and he took charge of sound and installation. From this background, the two elements, 'sound' and 'sculpture' are the main features in Hisakado's art creation.

Quantize is a word for correcting the function in composing electronic music. From the first sight, the objects seem to be located randomly in the space. Although, through the computer program, there is a revised randomness, that is to say 'planned coincidence' is being created. Weathered sound, people's voices, sounds of train, unknown noises...for Hisakado's installation, these sounds echo and resonate sometimes quietly and other times loudly with surrounding objects, and form an abundant polyphony.

Hisakado considers these phenomena and sounds happening in a rhythmical space as 'disappearing sculpture' and values them equivalently to stone and wooden sculptures. A wind by an electronic fan, a tablecloth fluttering in that wind, sounds of passing bicycles and trains...these phenomena are programmed accurately. But the order or the timing of these phenomena are derived by random numbers of a computer. Hence, within a five minute interval, the same composition never occurs again and there always are slight changes happening. Hisakado claims that he is also influenced by the line The flowing river never stops and yet the water never stays the same from Hojoki by Kamo no Chomei.

This exhibition is structured from two spaces and at the other space, a mirror ball which was exhibited at Aomori Contemporary Art Center last winter, is being displayed. The surface of the sphere is covered with numbers of mirrored clocks and the diffused reflections create lights and shadow which are like "riding a time-machine from the drawer of Doraemon's desk" according to Hisakado. As well as the other installation space symbolizes, the mirror ball is also based on a concept which the individual time lines aggregate together to form the world.

Since 2012, Hisakado restarted his solo artistic activity. He held a solo exhibition at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, in 2013 and he exhibited HARE or KAKE --AOMORI-- in the group exhibition at Aomori Contemporary Art Center in 2014. Up to this point, Hisakado focused on a dichotomy between the ordinary and extraordinary lives, but on this occasion at the solo exhibition at Ota Fine Arts, he challenges a more polyphonic phenomena of the new sculptural art.

*Opening reception with the artist will be held from 6pm on 24 May.