Yayoi Kusama in \'80s: Yayoi Kusama


Yayoi Kusama's major solo exhibition is being planned to start from next spring. The exhibition will be toured in Europe and it will feature the side of the artist as Colourist from '80s until the present time. This would be a great opportunity to show the new Kusama icon apart from the one which has been valuated academically through Post-war American art.This exhibition is featuring Kusama's works in '80s, which is the era of the artist started to be recognized. Dancing colours, organic shapes, figurative images and renewal nets and dots. In these motifs, the embryo elements of her present style can be seen.Kusama has been showing her overwhelming power not only in Western market also emerging Asian one. This exhibition will show where the artist now is from with her tireless and agressive creativity.

Installation Views