Territory of Mermaid: BuBu de la Madeleine


BuBu de la Madeleine is the ex-member of Dumb Type from Kyoto. BuBu is practicing sex worker and actually a prostitute. She is an activist, busy with an international schedule of AIDS and sex worker conferences worldwide, promoting sex worker rights, and developing an international sex worker network.

The theme of this exhibition is "Territory of Mermaid".

The land is the surface of the body of a mermaid. On the body of the mermaid, there are woods, a field, a liver, the desert, and a village and a town. Although she landed from the sea at first, when noticed, he had become the land itself. On the land, various living things breed, habit, invade, exploit and develop. Is the investigation to the Territory of mermaid possible for the mermaid?

This exhibition consists of an image work in which BuBu carries out performance as a mermaid, and drawings and photographs.

Installation Views