islands: Akira the Hustler, Nobuaki Takekawa, Tang Dixin, Masanori Handa, Hiraki Sawa, Tomoko Kashiki, Yuken Teruya


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present a group exhibition "islands", focusing on small works on paper. The title of the exhibition suggests the Asian archipelago which is close in distance to each other while having their own unique cultures. Likewise, this exhibition showcases artists from East Asia who have similar backgrounds and yet they have developed their distinctive worldviews.

It has been almost a year since the world was hit by COVID-19. Large-scale events have been cancelled or reduced one after another, and while it is no longer possible to talk and laugh with others in crowds, we have re-evaluated how the small yet beautiful things around us could make our hearts flutter. Each of the artworks in this exhibition is not big in scale, but when you gaze at each of them carefully, you will find many wonderful discoveries. You will notice the delicate lines of drawings that are drawn by the artist who usually deals with paintings; varieties of expressions of small dolls made of clay; and lively brushstrokes that are drawn vigorously. Currently, only a small number of people can enter the exhibition at a time, in other words, a small number of people can monopolize the exhibition to take a closer look at each artwork. We hope the visitors can walk slowly around the gallery space and discover the charms of the artists, as if you were wandering around an island floating in the ocean.

Installation Views