Tunnel: Tsuyoshi Hisakado


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present "Tunnel" by Tsuyoshi Hisakado, the artist's first solo exhibition in four years at Ota Fine Arts Tokyo. Hisakado is known for creating installations that trigger viewers' personal memories and experiences to a parallel world, with the use of sound, light and ordinary everyday objects. For "Tunnel", he presents his latest sculptures and two-dimensional works that continues to expand on his view of the world while simultaneously maintaining the signature aspects of his work produced in recent years.

In Hisakado's latest sculpture work, the mirrors which appeared frequently in his previous creations are absent; instead, he chooses to use transparent glass. Hisakado expresses "misalignment" in various ways in his past works. The delicate misalignment caused by making a round hollow in a part of the glass case, tilting and rotating it, creates in the artwork an entity with a "sense" that is transparent and has an ambiguous boundary. On the other hand, the round spotlight projected on the wall shows a strong presence without an entity. For Hisakado who previously attached importance in the relation and interaction between objects, this new attempt of proving "sense" or "absence" of things within itself will be a huge challenge in the development of his artistic practice.

Installation Views