Tsuyoshi Hisakado | Gale: Tsuyoshi Hisakado


Ota Fine Arts Shanghai is delighted to present "Gale", a solo exhibition by Japanese artist, Tsuyoshi Hisakado. Hisakado first presented "Gale" at the Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto "Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition." The work was site-specific and was presented with the unique structural hoardings in the corner tower of the Nijo Castle. For this second installment of "Gale", Hisakado re-creates the installation within a white-cube gallery.

Upon entering the exhibition space, viewers will see 18 glass cases, each containing a light bulb that swings like a pendulum. The sound of wind recorded in a mountain can be heard swooshing through the gallery. Swinging light bulbs blink in sync as the intensity of wind varies. From above, flashes of lighting and the rumble of thunder pour into the ground level from the gallery's upper floor.

Hisakado's theatrical installation offers viewers a rich sensory perception and is layered with multiple references and connotations. The combination of wind, lighting and thunder points to the presence of a vast yet impalpable power, capable of threatening an individual's fragile existence. The dual structure configuration also alludes to social power structures.

The concept of time and space - two particular concepts that is commonly explored in his previous works - are also prominent in "Gale". The swinging light bulb marks time with each movement, reminding its viewers of the time that has passed as they stood standing amidst this immersive space.

Additionally, the tangibility and delicateness of wood and glass are in stark contrast to the intangibility and boisterous sounds in the background. Evoking a sense of lyricism and poetic sentiment but never forgetting the inorganic reality of the installation.

Hisakado does not define "Gale" but hopes for his viewers to experience a unique moment, triggering emotions and memories, touching one's inner spaces that are deep yet distant.