Minami is interested in how people perceive the world through sight and hearing and in the cognitive mechanisms involved. Based on the empirical study of his surroundings, his work emphasizes the audio visual experience of the artist's immediate environment through audio and visual material, computer graphics, animation and installation work. He considers all these media and materials as part of our cognitive architecture, of our experience of the world.

Born in Osaka, Japan, in 1976, Takao Minami graduated from the faculty of new media art at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in Gifu and is now based in Paris. He has held a number of significant solo exhibitions including "Collection Survey : Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples" Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples, Hokkaido (2019), "Takao Minami: Difference Between" Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo (2016), "Takao Minami" Ota Fine Arts, Singapore (2014), "Takao Minami: Motion/Movement" La Chambre Blanche, Quebec, Canada (2012), "CRITERIUM 80 Takao Minami" Gallery 9, Art Tower Mito, Mito (2010), significant group exhibitions including, "Habitat" Ota Fine Arts, Singapore (2019), "helen at the mountain" Tetsuko's Garage, Japan (2018), "19th DOMANI the Art of Tomorrow Exhibition" The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan (2016).

Installation shots