Takao Minami "puppet study": Takao Minami


Graduating Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences(IAMAS), Minami started his career as an artist unit, called "ressentiment". He has been participated in many international group exhibitions and recently his works have been shown at "Mind as Passion"(Taipei Fine Arts Museum), solo exhibition "Flickers-New Media Art from Japan"(Goethe-Institut, Hanoi), "The Loss of the Real"(Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bundun, Indonesia) and so on.

This is the third solo show of Minami at Ota Fine Arts. This time the artist will present the new work from the installation series of "puppet study". He has done "puppet study#1", video work collaborating with a blind continuously opening and closing, and "puppet study#2", installation of security camera and video of a gecko lizard and a bug corresponding. The keyword of the newest work will be interference between videos. The installation will show concatenation of different videos: the pattern of human posing and line drawing animation, and the movement of the flame of spirit lamps. Between the moving those images which seem to have no relationships each other, the theme will appear trough the system the artist creates. Minami says that there is his interest behind the series of "puppet study", which is the relationship between reality (or real feeling) and the function that supports it. The phenomenon, that is existed in reality for granted, is actually linked or collaborated with the unseen contexture. This is the connection the artist is highly interested in. If it takes the stage as an example, this connection can be seen between the play on stage and the backstage. Tactfully interchanging this relationship, "puppet study" shows how easily the feeling of reality can be re-constructed. "puppet" is the key to interpretation of the connection between reality and imaginariness.

Installation Views