Tang Dixin: Tang Dixin


Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present a second solo exhibition by Tang Dixin in Tokyo. Tang is a Shanghai-based artist who belongs to one of the "80-hou" generation, a Chinese term for those who were born during the 1980s and are regarded as liberal. He works mainly with painting and performance and most of his works are related to the "body" which is oppressed in the Chinese society and art world.

This exhibition is composed with Tang's latest paintings with the main painting depicting accumulations of folded bodies that can be seen both as an object or landscape. The color blue and gray have been frequently used his paintings, and orange color was introduced in recent years. By introducing jet black to his latest paintings, Tang created a vivid color contrast which seems almost violent and leaves a strong impression on the viewer. Ota Fine Arts invites you to the surreal world view of Tang Dixin.

Installation Views